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If you are looking to develop a remarkable mobile application development for your business or if you have awesome ideas for an invention,
Ephrine Team of skilled developers and designers can build your idea into reality.

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Together with the customer, we determine the proper solution for our client’s problem. We build an app or software, and then implement it while sticking to our collaboratively developed strategy, which seeks to maximize desired value and ROI, as well as equip our client with the full set of instruments to attract more clients and commerce. Our solutions take as many forms as they serve functions, increasing sales or reaching new markets. Whatever form our solutions take – optimization of an existing process, launching a start-up or the development of a completely new set of services – they turn into clear, tangible benefits. And what’s more, they turn into profits. Just as we understand business, we understand technology. Our specialists develop mobile applications on iOS and Android, in addition to web and software services. Regardless of what medium we are working in though, our priorities rest in full security and quality assurance by default.

Our values

We strive to fully understand our customers and their businesses, allowing us to propose the best solution — one that works. Our aim is not to maximize a budget. We offer you all the bells and whistles only if we know they are vital and valuable to you and your business. It’s not a question of ethics, but one of common sense. You want to pay for what you need and we want to give that to you, so we are always straightforward with you and look for a win-win solution.


At the end of the day, we are driven by the desire to create great products. On time. To do so we have to go through every stage of technological process. Through every nook and cranny in design, UX, QA and project management. We push to get your product running as quickly as possible and then it’s merely a matter of fine tuning. This MVP can immediately begin generating you value, feedback, and advancement in the right direction, while we add more and more layers of functionality.


We treat each project as a process with many steps along the way. At each of those steps we want and need your feedback, so you can expect us to keep the lines of communication very open. We promise to do all the heavy lifting, but we know our undertaking is important to you, and as a result we expect to hear from you, and we will reach out to you, throughout the project. A solid, successful effort is always the result of close, collaborative work.

Focused on designing the best experience for your users

Product Business Analysis

Our business analysts are experts in translating your business idea into the optimal technical solution. We will work closely with you to learn about your business and understand your users, so that we make sure the app we create is tailored to their needs.

QA & testing

Studies show that low rankings in the app stores are usually a result of the users’ frustration with the bugs. We will keep testing and fixing the app until it becomes state-of-the-art even before launch. Oh, did we mention that we offer one-month free bug fixing after launch? We’ve got your back!

UI/UX Design

First, we will create your app's user 'avatar' as a generic persona, then design the app based on their specific needs and wants. We know the importance of good design and user experience firsthand. An app interface is like a joke - if you have to explain it, it’s not good enough.

Launch and maintenance

You didn’t think we’d just leave you there hanging after launch, did you? Launching on App Store and Google Play is important, but results are what really matters. We'll be there alongside you, gathering data from the field and iterating until we meet your business goals.

App Development Process

Get a first-class B2B, B2E, or B2C enterprise mobility solution securely interfacing with any type of corporate systems & Simplify your business operations with our inventive mobile app development services. As a mobile app development company in India, we have expert and experienced Indian mobile app developers that have the ability to meet all business and industry needs.

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    Story boards are excellent way to tell a story to the clients. We develop ideas, based on understanding of client’s requirements, using story boards. We tell how, what and why of the app development process using story board ideation strategies. This storyboard helps develop a prototype.

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    Once ideation is done, it is time to model out the prototype for the app. This is an important step. A prototype would show how the app would look, and how it would work.

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    Development is a very important step of the whole app development process. We offer clean codes as well as a variety of rich programming services at every level of development. We work in phases and stages, and once a stage or phase is over we move on to the next level.

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    We release beta version, test it and finally release it. At the beta stage every bug encountered is fixed, and finally a complete app is released.

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    This is the final step of the app development process. Once the testing & review is done, the app is release on the app store. Our review team will review the app, send in a feedback and finally accept the app on the store. We take into account all the possible quality control guidelines before actually releasing an app.


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